Traumatic Injuries


Injuries to the mouth can cause teeth to be fractured, pushed out of position, or knocked out of their socket.  Your dentist may be able to reposition and stabilize the tooth, allowing for healing.  After the trauma, you will most likely require close follow-up by an endodontist.   Dr. Burns will carefully assess the area tooth over the following weeks to determine if further treatment will be needed.  Children’s teeth in early development may have the ability to recover from trauma without root canal treatment.  As for adults, root canal treatment after the trauma may be necessary depending on the severity and nature of the injury.

What Should I Do If A Tooth Is Knocked Out?

Anytime a tooth is knocked out of the socket, quick and careful thinking is needed for successful treatment.  The tooth should be handled very gently, avoiding touching the root surface itself.  The tooth should be kept moist in a glass of milk, a glass of water with a pinch of salt, or in your mouth between your gum and cheek.  If possible, the tooth should be placed back into the socket in the mouth as soon as possible. The less time the tooth is out of the socket, the better the chance of survival.  Call your dentist immediately!  Your dentist may then refer you to the Atlanta Center for Endodontics for further care.

Who Should I See If My Child Knocked Out A Tooth?

For your child, call their dentist immediately. Pediatric dentists are well trained in assessing any injuries to children.  Your pediatric dentist may then refer you to the Atlanta Center for Endodontics and/or an Oral Surgeon depending on the injury.