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Melanie W. Burns, D.M.D., M.P.H.

Atlanta Center for Endodontics, P.C.

Patient Testimonials

Wonderful experience-I almost wouldn't mind having to get another root canal. Mine was done so well, perfection from start to finish and no after-effects. Having dental work done, especially of this nature, can be so intimidating. But Dr. Burns' warm smile and disarming nature easily dismisses any apprehension you might have. She goes so far past just the dentistry to make the whole experience enjoyable, from the ambiance of the office to the courteous staff.


By far this is the best office I have been to in years. The entire staff is professional and courteous. The office is unbelievable clean and the most modern and serene I have experienced ever! For someone who is nervous in any dentist office this one put me at ease and I actually (believe it or not) looked forward to completing my root canal. This professionalism, peacefulness, and cleanliness seem to stem from Melanie W. Burns D.M.D, M.P.H herself. She is the best! And I would recommend her to anyone needing a caring, professional specialist. Rock On!

A. Beck

My experience w a root canal w Dr. Burns was truly a pleasant, easy and no pain experience. Skillful, professional and gentle! I will cnt. to, and have recommended Dr. Burns several times since my two experiences with her as my Dr. She is Excellent, and I highly recommend. Thanks Dr. Burns!!


Thank you for your professionalism, your courteousness, and your very gentle and caring nature.  You make me feel at ease with No Pain! Tremendous!  I appreciate you so very much.  Thank you once again.


While dental work is never enjoyable, I want you to know how I've come to value your skill, your professionalism, and, yes, your kindness over the course of my treatment with you. Your attitude extends to your staff - a more cheerful group of professionals I've yet to encounter. Thank you, again, for your concern.


Thank you so much for your skilled care and soothing manner.  I am thankful to have such a person help me through this procedure.  Thank you.